Experiment with Camera Projection and Nitro Blast

I was allays stunned by ability of 3D programs to project objects on footage or image. This technique is called Camera Projection. I decided to create one myself. This picture was taken by Oksana Choban at Hanoover Messe, Germany. She let me use it for my short animation. As far as projecting stuff in 3D it is also fun to blow up stuff in 3D. To do the explosion in my short video I used very nice plug-in for Cinema 4D called NitroBlast. I recommend getting it, its is only around 50 bucks and it is a lot of fun to play with.

Everything from cubes

I like to experiment withReal Flow. This is a short video that I’ve created for 5 second Project from GreyScaleGorilla I also used Cinema 4D, Final Cur and After Effects. Subject of the competition was to crate anything that refers to cubes. I don’t know for sure if I met the requirements, however I tried. It is very important to have a deadline,this is why I decided to try my self in that competition. I don’t consider my self a professional motionographer, but it is fun to combine sound and video. Hopefully I will have more time to do stuff like this and improve my skills.

Modeling of my watch: pre-final stage

ESQ_StageColorNo materials, yet still looking good. The hardest part is to make it to be as realistic, as possible. it is a challenge, but it must be done. I did not use a lot of lights in this scene, but it is very important for an object to look the way it is in real life. To see the final result, you can visit this link  Constructive criticism is welcome.



Modeling of my watch: stage 8

ESQ_Stage8It took me all night and it is still not done yet. However as you can see there is a bit of a progress. I thought to make it as one object out of box cylinder ( except the handles and the display ). Why take such a hard way if  I use Cinema 4D! Everything is a separate piece of geometry.The most exiting part is still ahead – lighting and texturing! God – I love 3D!

Modeling of my watch: stage 3

ESG_Stage3Modeling a watch from scratch is not an easy task. Perhaps that is what I found out when I started to do it. However if you do it without any tutorial or help  you can learn quite a few things. I know for sure that I will remember what I’ve learned yesterday night about HuperNurbs and how to make an edge sharp by holding a “point” key on keyboard and drugging the mouse ( this was a note for my self ). The image on the left is my progress, I know it doesn’t look too much of a watch, but as soon as I get more free time I will get right on it!

What is your talant?

brainBlackBGFew days ego I was attempting seminar in a youth center. The presentation was given by a young staff and it was about human brain and its abilities. One of the main points was the idea that a lot of tasks that we perform on daily basis (  like walking or speaking ) are embedded into our brain as we grow. However, the fact that a person is able to draw and feel music, can not be related to those we adapted during our experience of growing. Artistic vision and feeling of music is something a person is born with. As I grew older I started to realize that after I create something ( like drawing, computer generated artwork or a tune) and if I really like it, I feel on top of the world! God is often called the creator. I bet when he was creating Earth, he felt like he is on top of the world! :)

S 65 AMG

Mercedes Benz S65 AMG copy“Мерседес Бенз-Стилный, державний!”-В.Пелевин. This is a prototype of a business card for my friend. The final product you can see here! He has great hands and pro in auto body work. Give it up for Slavik Koval.