3D Logo For Interior Design Firm


Its being a long time since I’ve posted my work. And finally at last: I give you 3D Logo that I’ve designed for my lovely young sister. She is on the verge of launching her own business.Its going to be an interior design firm. I wish her all the best. Good Luck sis!!! :) Software used: Cinema 4D 14 and Adobe Photoshop CS 6 More

Modeling of my watch: pre-final stage

ESQ_StageColorNo materials, yet still looking good. The hardest part is to make it to be as realistic, as possible. it is a challenge, but it must be done. I did not use a lot of lights in this scene, but it is very important for an object to look the way it is in real life. To see the final result, you can visit this link  Constructive criticism is welcome.

Modeling of my watch: stage 8

ESQ_Stage8It took me all night and it is still not done yet. However as you can see there is a bit of a progress. I thought to make it as one object out of box cylinder ( except the handles and the display ). Why take such a hard way if  I use Cinema 4D! Everything is a separate piece of geometry.The most exiting part is still ahead – lighting and texturing! God – I love 3D!

S 65 AMG-Bussines Card

SK Auto Body Final

“Мерседес Бенз-Стилный, державний!”-В.Пелевин. This is a prototype of a business card for my friend. T He has great hands and pro in auto body work. Give it up for Slavik Koval.